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Jean-Philippe Menu

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Champagne vineyards - Champagne vineyards

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Changy is now on the Champagne Trail; and for winemaker Jean-Philippe Menu, that’s something to let people know about! He takes his visitors off into the vines, and uses fun ways to explain what his work involves and show off the landscapes.
“I make wine, so I spend most of my time in the vines.” To explain what’s involved in tending the vines and how Champagne is made Jean-Philippe has come up with several decks of cards that you can play to discover his work. “There are various stages to talk about, from the harvests right up to tasting!” Then he’ll use his tools to show you the kind of tasks that can make up a winemaker’s day: Pruning, training the vines… “I use the tools and cards to get people involved: they ask me questions, and in turn I get them to contribute”. Jean-Philippe is already used to taking visitors to explore his vines, and being able to do so is a means for him to put this less familiar part of the Champagne wine-growing area more on the map. So why not get off the beaten track and come and explore this part of Champagne with him!

Area : Changy

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