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Nathalie L'Herbier

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Architecture - Architecture- Legends- Nature

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In Ponthion, near Vitry-le-François, Nathalie L’Herbier meets us at the church. First, we take a look at it from the outside. "Not many people know this, but man and time have left their mark on the walls of the church, as you can see here." Inside, the treasures of this listed building are revealed. "I arrived in Ponthion in the early 90s and the church was closed in 1995. I thought it was such a shame, because it is fantastic! So I’m happy to now be able to show people around it." And the church is not Ponthion’s only curiosity: the history of this little village of 120 inhabitants has been marked by some big names, among them Pepin the Short and Charlemagne. "Ponthion played a role in the Middle Ages: there was a large palace in the village, which is likely to be what brought these famous kings here." So, with a small group of enthusiasts, this English teacher decided to organise an exhibition, entitled "History of a Royal Palace in the Carolingian Era". Nathalie invites visitors to discover the history of Ponthion through this exhibition, she herself providing the commentary. "After that, the discussion can continue as we walk around!" ». Nathalie will take you down to the lock, a bit further into the village. "Here is a lovely place to walk in fine weather." And to round off this pleasant tour, Nathalie even plans to take her visitors to see the village beekeeper (subject to availability): "It is an opportunity to find out about his trade and to share experiences: he too is passionate about his village!" ». Some promising greets in the offing!

Area : Ponthion

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