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Pascal Pécriaux

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Architecture - Architecture- Legends- Champagne vineyards

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Greeting his visitors on the mythical Avenue de Champagne, Pascal Pécriaux sets the tone for his tour: "What I really want to share is the love affair between Epernay and champagne." An inexhaustible fount of knowledge on the history of his town, Pascal goes on to explain how Epernay became the Capital of Champagne after fifteen centuries of turmoil. "Epernay was a required passage on many routes; over the years, the town was besieged, captured, destroyed and burnt down a good thirty times!" ». Strolling along Avenue de Champagne, the history of the town and the history of champagne intermingle in Pascal’s account. He makes a point of drawing attention to the wide variety of architectural styles found on the street; to this native of Epernay, who worked for years at one of the big champagne houses, the story of each one deserves to be told. A number of different walks are possible, according to Pascal. "After Avenue de Champagne, we can explore a different part of Epernay. Something I like about the town is the variety it has to offer." So on we go and, at each street corner, Pascal has a story to tell. Or rather, as he himself puts it: "Epernay has a story to tell."

Area : Epernay

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